Monday, March 1, 2010

Friday Fun with Fiber!

Alison and I headed to Stitches West on Friday for a day full of color and texture overload!
I went without a shopping/wish list and it could have been easy to go overboard, but I think both Alison and I restrained ourselves pretty well - our husbands should be proud! I came home with some yarn, spinning fiber, a few gadgets and lots of inspiration! After the six hours we spent wandering the halls at Stitches we headed home in the rain, surprised over how quickly the day had passed.

I spent the rest of the weekend catching up at home with the family. Phil and I did quite a bit of gardening on Sunday in the lovely sunny weather. Our yard has really suffered from the "winter neglect" that we have inflicted on it. it is going to take quite a bit of more hard work to get ready for spring.