Tuesday, May 25, 2010

More Knitting - More Money for the School

The woman who won the bidding on the pink baby blanket I made for the school silent auction this year asked me I if I would please knit a little matching something to go with the blanket. She wants to have a nice set to give as a gift at an upcoming baby shower. i agreed and it didn't take me very long to knit up a rather cute little baby hat with a matching pair of socks. I didn't use a pattern for the hat, just cast on 72 stitches and went for it! The socks are Sherie McNaman's Simply Sweet Socks  pattern

Maker Faire

Sunday was Conrad's turn to spend the day with me. (Saturday was filled with prom preparations with Kajsa). A little after nine in the morning we headed off to San Mateo and the Maker Faire . We spent over 6 hours there, exploring everything from robots and rockets to legos and spindle spinning. I think that even if we had spent more than twice as long there we could not possibly have seen everything. One of Conrad's favorite things there were the marshmallow guns! I think he will probably build one in the near future.

Monday, May 24, 2010

High School Prom

Saturday was my daughter's High School Prom.
Isn't she beautiful?!

She had a lovely time.

Ravelry Meet-Up

One week ago a friend and I headed to San Francisco for a day of knitting. We drove to Fremont and took Bart (the train) from there - for maximum knitting time! Once in the city we met up with  a couple of hundred other knitters and just enjoyed each others company. There was a potluck and we even received a complimentary hand massage!

I had finished my new shawl,  Traveling Woman the Thursday before the Meet-Up and as you can see I wore it proudly! Proudly,  because this is the first project I have knitted from yarn that I have spun myself.
This is what the yarn looked like
I spun it from two different colors, one 100% merino coral color and the other a fuchsia colored merino/tencel blend. I call it Pink Audition because I picked up the roving in Solveng on the way to one of Kajsa's college auditions.

School Auction

This year the school auction was a great success. As usual I knitted something for the silent part of the auction, this year a pink garter stitch baby blanket from odds and ends I had laying around.

I also worked with the third graders and helped them with their class project - a beautiful ceramic platter.