Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Beer brewing!

When I came home from my Tuesday evening knitting group this is what I found on the kitchen floor:
My children bottling beer! 
Lars has had it brewing in the entry hall for some time now and decided to enlist his sister's help in the bottling process. I should add that Lars is 21, old enough to both make and legally drink beer.

Earlier in the day he told his father and me that he will graduate from UC Davis on time, that he has only three quarters left - Hurrah! He was pleasantly surprised himself, he had believed he needed an additional quarter or two to make up for the time he lost when he switched majors. However that is not the case, his academic advisor told him he is right on track to graduate with a BS in Viticulture and Enology in spring of 2010!


Anonymous said...

Looks like everyone is having fun;) I hope the first day of school went well. Tomorrow is our first day so back to the routine. I am the happiest mom at the end of the school year just so I don't have to pack a lunch and argue about homework and bedtimes, You look like you are getting into this blog thing pretty well! Lugene