Wednesday, October 21, 2009


I'm falling behind on recording my knitting progress. We have been extremely busy with the grape harvest, but now we are almost done. I think one more weekend will do it!

Back to my knitting, I have jumped on the Shelly Kang sock yarn blanket band wagon! Again it was Allison who pushed me over the edge. This time by giving me and Billie her leftover sock yarn scraps. It was impossible to look at all those wonderful yarns and not start the blanket. I very quickly discovered that it will take A LOT of scraps unless I want to use the same yarn many times. Since I like the scrappy look I want to try and limit the use of each yarn to two or three squares. To avoid having to buy too many new balls of yarn I have joined a couple of sock yarn swaps on Ravelry. I still haven't decided what size of blanket to make, but I do know it will be a long project, maybe several years.

The sock blanket isn't the only blanketI'm working on right now. I'm also knitting on this afghan (Exquisite by Carole Prior - in Big Book of Quick Knit Afghans ) for Lars. Since he is a college student and I'm sure all his laundry gets washed in one load and then thrown into the dryer,  I'm using Lion Brands Pound of Love 100% Acrylic. I'm hoping to have it done in time for Christmas  (he doesn't read my blog - so don't spill the beans to him).