Sunday, September 20, 2009

Busy weekend

Well it is fall even if the weather is hot! The grapes are ripening and this weekend we picked a couple of tons of Pinot Noir for Silvertip Vineyards (our winery). Phil and Lars de-stemmed, crushed and started the fermentation along with Paul down in Campbell on Saturday.
Kajsa spent part of Sunday prepping for her Monday cooking demonstration in school, she is making scones. Yum!
Our printer broke down last week so today I headed down to town and purchased a new one. There are way too many models to chose between, in the end I just grabbed one in my price range and we have to hope for the best.
Conrad tried his hands at spinning and he didn't do too bad. He found it very interesting and he keeps asking if he can't please spin some more! The problem is, at the moment I have something on all the bobbins so he has to wait until I ply some of them together in the next few days.
Phil and I spent some time fretting over Kajsa's new (used) car and the whole mess with the warranty company. I don't know if it is worth all the hazzle and worrying or if we should just forget about the warranty and pay for the repairs ourselves. That is of course exactly what they are hoping we will do, but still our time is worth something too.